The Art of Packing

When I realized last week that I’m going to be away from home on two separate trips for a total of 10 days, I may have had a slight freak out 🙂 I will be in NYC for 5 days then back home for a few hours before I head down south to see family then up to Chicago for a wedding at the end of the month. Needless to say, packing was a bit of an arduous task.

In order to conserve luggage space, I packed jumpers and sun dresses for the daytime. I like these in particular because all you have to do is throw on a blazer, heels, and maybe a couple of additional accessories to go from day to night.


There’s the possibility of hitting the beach in NY, so I picked up this lovely coverup from Target to wear over my white bikini.


I threw in a few pieces for night activities…


& added the obligatory pair of jeans, a pair of pants and a blazer.


I always pack an array of watches: one gold, one silver, one black and one white. I also wrap my necklaces in tissue paper (not pictured) to keep them from getting tangled while traveling.


Heels are a necessity for night time, but for walking around in NYC during the day, I always opt for flats. My heels go into dust bags for traveling.


I kept the purses simple with a couple of larger bags for the plane and a couple of clutches for evening. I stuff my bags with tissue paper to maintain the shape and put them in their dust bags.


And there you have it. I also roll some of my dresses in tissue paper to keep them from rubbing against other items.



I always throw in a scarf and a white t, no matter where I’m going–its come in handy on many occasions. I pack things for hair, toiletries, and perfumes separately, roll the rest of my clothes for better fit if necessary, and everything goes into my pink Heys suitcase.

I will be keeping you guys updated via Twitter & Instagram mostly, but I will also do a few Travel Diary posts here with what I’m hoping to be lots of cool photos of my surroundings as well as what I’m wearing.

Check out The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton for more packing tips!

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Packing

  1. Do you make up all of your outfits first and then pack or pick basics that will all go together? Also do you choose accessories based on outfit or just pack options like the silver, gold, black, white? Sorry for all the questions but I always over pack. LOL.

    • Lol! No worries. I usually pack basics (clothing and accessories) that can be mixed into several different looks. I used to overpack as well because I like to be able to have a options, but using this method, I still have the variety that I like without having tons of clothes in my suitcase.

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