Menswear Mondays:: Pinks


Menswear Monday!! Meet Mike 🙂



Pink is a color that many men shy away from, but I think it is an amazing color on a variety of skin tones. Mike is wearing a pink oxford short by Polo Ralph Lauren (here in mint!!) paired with a white classic fit button down by Calvin Klein (here).


His bow tie (cool two toned version here), from Brooks Brothers, provides the perfect accent while the Brooks Brothers sports coat tones down the outfit just a touch while providing an additional color to the palette. He is wearing a Lucio Ricci loafer (similar awesome perforated look here).


Mike’s accessories include his favorite green Timex and Oakley sunglasses.

Thanks for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Menswear Mondays:: Pinks

  1. I really like the pink shorts and the Lucio Ricci loafers. I think it is wonderful that you are doing menswear Mondays. I will be copying EVERYTHING that you have featured so far to dress up my honey.

  2. There is nothing like a man that is confident enought to wear pink.. I like the look.. I’ve been trying to encourage hubby to do the same, but he’s still not there yet.. Peach is as close as he’ll get.. he actually calls it pink when its more like a light orange… MEN

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