Weekend Greens




 A jumper is an easy way to do cute and casual for the weekend.




I’m wearing an army green harem jumpsuit from Arden B. I paired it with cap toe pumps from Zara (previously seen here) and lots of Tiffany’s pieces (here, here, and here) I added an old school name bracelet and a Bulova watch. My clutch is from Kamillion Original’s etsy store (she has some cute new stuff on there by the way!)

Have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Greens

  1. What you’re not gonna do is have me spend my car payment on this entire look!!! This is gorgeous! I’m beyond inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Girl I know thats right!! I almost considered going into foreclosure to buy that outfit with Christian Louboutin shoes but I figured I wouldnt look too authentic standing on the street corner with red bottom soles holding a “will work for food” sign!!

  2. Okay, see you had me go out and get a jumper after I saw you in that black tube top number. It was cute …. until I had to go to bathroom … 5 TIMES!! LOL!! Girl, love the look, but the having to pull the whole thing down to do my business??!?! And, I had a belt and cardi on too!!! I was steady disrobing in the stall! It was a mess!!! LOL!!

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