Chic Geek


Hope you’re having a great week!




I’m wearing Ray-Ban eyeglasses (don’t I look smart? Ha!). This white pantsuit was pieced together with a Forever 21 jacket and H&M pants. The corset top is old and from Express and I am wearing booties by Steve Madden Luxe. My iPad case is Michael Kors.


~Hair Talk~

Keeping with the protective styling theme, I am wearing two strand twists with flat twists on the side. I like this stile because it produces somewhat of a faux hawk appearance with out my hair being loose.

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Chic Geek

  1. Another slam dunk!! I love white suits with nice cuts!! Unfortunately, white is not very forgiving to my figure and I only wear white bottoms when I’m at my fighting weight!! Lol!! You look fab!! But sorry, glasses alone don’t a geek make;). Put on a Star Trek tee under the suit, then we may be in business;)! *lol*

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