Minty Fresh







So excited to have had the opportunity to be shot by Angelique Johnson Photography this past weekend! I am wearing a lace mint green dress from ASOS, my favorite Sam Edelman shoes and accessories from Forever 21 and Michael Kors that you have seen many times before. It was so much fun (and only slightly scary) shooting in Cincinnati’s downtown! Looking forward to many more shoots with Angelique. Her site can be found here and more examples of her amazing work can be found on her Facebook page.

Only a few more days until the winner of the March giveaway is announced and I’m super excited to find out who wins! Any ideas for the next giveaway?


19 thoughts on “Minty Fresh

  1. So…I definitely had to go and check out ASOS after this post. I think you have some other outfits that you’ve assembled from that site. I’ve never heard of it, but I really like the selection they have on there. Mint green is not necessarily a color that I would think to buy, but it looks great on you!

  2. Loving the dress, loving the hair! Is that a twist-out? I am natural and for the life of me I cannot do a proper twist-out. Any tips?

  3. By the way….because of this post, I am now obsessed with ASOS. Just thought you should know. LOL. Got my first outfit from there on the way now. You are not promoting healthy spending habits for me and my inner fashionista. 😉

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