Mixing Rainbows


So, this was my first time experimenting with mixing prints, and… I LOVED it!


I used one of my favorite techniques–contrasts. I paired glamorous in the form of this rainbow colored sequined skirt from ASOS with a not so glamorous plaid cotton button-down from H&M.


The trick with mixing prints is using like colors, and these blended perfectly. I added my favorite nude pumps from Sam Edelman. If you follow Chic Savant on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I left this pair of shoes in a hotel in Shreveport over a month ago and didn’t realize that they were missing until last week. Thanks to the lovely front desk clerk, I had them back within a couple of days! She’s awesome.





I added my usual Michael Kors watch with some Forever 21 bangles. The handbag is from ASOS. My belt is from Target & the necklace was thrifted.




Thank you for reading. As always, I appreciate your support. As we are reaching the end of March, don’t forget to tell your friends about the contest. You get additional entries for your friends who you invite to view the Facebook page. They HAVE to tell me who sent them for you to get credit–its the only way I will know πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “Mixing Rainbows

  1. Omg I started to get that skirt then doubted and went with the black. I have that shirt we are >< lol
    Signing back on to Asos to get that skirt. It's soooo spring. Love it!!!

      • well it looks effortless on you! On Asos the girl is in a black tank and that didn’t make it look really intersting or cute. if they put your pics up I bet the sales would rise…great job

  2. I would have never thought to put this outfit together! It’s a really bold look, and you are working it. I may have to try a modified version of this look because I don’t think I can pull it off in its entirety.

  3. My lil sis & I have an on-going argument about mixing prints, she’s a fan, I’m not. But you just scored a point in her favor. Thanks for the like, just stopped by to return the favor (and trying to win the handbags doesn’t hurt ;). Love the style, and the hair!

  4. Hey came across your blog in search of natural hair blogs an i scrolled down an saw this outfit an i had to post first love your hair an second you put this outfit together perfectly would have never thought an it looks fab on you…….Now following!

  5. You look amazing in this outfit. I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!! so much that like everyone else I went to the site and found that it was not in my size. No fear I am going to find the material and have it made just for me. LOL. I luve ur style and am now a subbie:)

  6. Reblogged this on hairscapades and commented:
    Okay, this is a daring look, but … I LOVE IT!!! I think this outfit, the skirt, the shoes the colors?!?! So banging!! Candice is va-va-va-VOOM!! Now THAT is an hourglass figure!! I don’t think I could pull this off right now … the saddlebag thighs would NOT have been cute in those horizontal stripes. But, I wish I had picked up this skirt from ASOS when it was still around. Because, when I get down to my “fighting weight,” it would have been on!! LOL!!

  7. Love the look and also the hair.This look is an eye-catcher anywhere you go but remember to rock the look with confidence because there may be people that may not like the look possibly out of jealousy or fear of rocking it themselves.Also remember that the cheapest and most effective accesory that you can use to enhance your look and life are confidence and a caring attitude(to yourself and to others).

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