House of Mouse

101 0258

This is blazer is one of my absolute favorite pieces. The minute I saw it on Zara’s website, it went into my shopping cart. It works great as a little bit of sparkle to spice up a pair of jeans and t-shirt or dressed up with a nice pair of slacks or a pencil skirt.

101 0268

101 0269

For this outfit, I chose to wear it with a pair of panel leather pants from 2B Rych. This Mickey Mouse t-shirt is vintage and used to be my mom’s so I’m sure it was purchased directly from one of her favorite places to visit–Disney World.

101 0271

I love how you can see the snow falling in some of these shots.

101 0261

101 0272

I liked this pairing because it felt like the sparkle of the jacket added a touch of “Disney Magic” to the outfit. The bag is by Emma Fox and the watch is Michael Kors. I’m wearing an assortment of bangles collected over the years and a thrifted necklace. The scarf was thrifted and earrings were purchased from Francesca’s during my New Year’s trip to Richmond, VA. My shoes are by Steve Madden.

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9 thoughts on “House of Mouse

    • Over this jacket, I would likely do a pea coat. I usually buy my coats slightly larger than my actual size because its inevitable that I will want to layer underneath. Thanks for reading!

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